We donate 20% from every sale to charity: water, a non-profit organization
bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.
100% of the proceeds given to charity: water will directly fund clean water solutions.

Water Changes Everything

A Request for Drinking Water is Never Neglected

There was a young boy watering his lawn one day when a man walked down his street. The boy looked at him and was a little startled when he realized the man was walking up to him.

“May I have a drink of water?” he asked, pointing to the running water hose in the boy’s hands.
“Yes”, the boy stammered as he handed the water hose to the stranger.

As the man drank, the boy noticed how tired this man looked. He had the burned skin of a field worker and the dirty nails of a hard day’s work. He must have been out in the sun for a long time. He heard the gulps of water and saw relief replace thirst on the man’s face.

With a grateful smile, the man returned the hose and said, “A request for drinking water is never neglected, is it? Thank you.”
“You’re welcome,” the youth answered.

The man departed and when the boy finished his chore, he went inside to find his mother. He asked, “Momma, is it true that a request for drinking water is never neglected?” and explained what happened.

His mother confirmed what the man said, “yes, son. A request for drinking water is never neglected.”

I was that boy. Growing up, I never forgot the words taught to me by that stranger nor the lesson echoed by my mother. It’s funny how the most random of encounters can affect your view of the world, isn't it? This is the truth that I learned from that experience:
There’s something beautiful about giving water to someone. It’s a friendly act of love that connects people. Offering someone a drink validates that you see him or her as a human being and shows that you care enough to take care of a basic need. “I see you. Let me help you be.” Giving water to someone in thirst is the essence of love.

Many years later, while surfing online and checking my twitter feed, I ran across an interview of Scott Harrison, founder of charity: water (yes, it’s spelled that way). At the time, I wasn’t feeling too happy about life and was looking for a place to contribute. You see, I was taught that when life has you feeling down, the best way to feel better is to volunteer and help someone else. So I was looking to belong to something bigger and more meaningful than myself. I wanted to make a positive contribution somewhere.

Seeing Scott speak candidly of his life from teen to professional clubber/partier to humanitarian resonated with how I felt. Though our journeys were different, here was another man that found his life in a place he didn’t like and went out to change it. He changed his life by contributing to the lives of others.

The interview also reminded me of my mother’s words, “a request for drinking water is never neglected.” Then I thought, “why don't I take what I know about web-hosting and use it to help charity: water?“

With the idea firmly planted in my heart, I committed to run a charity: water campaign. I bought a domain name, put WordPress on it, and had my friend write some code to link it to my campaign. I told friends, family, and co-workers about it. I tweeted, re-tweeted, and followed all sorts of people in effort to get the word out. I really believed I could connect with enough people to raise one hundred thousand dollars for charity: water. We raised $227.

Although far short from our goal, those funds meant there are now 11 more people in this world that will get clean drinking water. Yes, it’s barely a drop in the bucket considering the world’s lack of clean water, I know. But still, those 11 are better for it.

Fast-forward to today; we now own and operate the most expensive website in the world. We still believe in charity: water’s mission. You may think that bringing clean water to some unknown village doesn’t change the world. But if you ask those villagers if their world has changed because of a clean water well they will wholeheartedly tell you it has. Access to clean water changes their world. As the video above states: Water changes everything.

Like I said, our first campaign was barely a drop in helping solve the world’s water crisis. But we dream of being able to make a much bigger impact. We’d like to fund entire wells and even donate enough to buy a drilling rig one day. That is why John and I pledged to donate 20% of every sale we make from this website to charity: water. We aim to succeed and share our success with the simple gift of water.

A beautiful thing about charity: water, is that 100% of the funds donated to their organization are used to fulfill their mission. None of it goes to salaries, rent, overhead or other business expenses. Those needs are taken care of by angel investors that also believe in charity: water’s mission.

Another beautiful thing about charity: water is that they track every dollar donated to them and inform donors when their funds bear fruit.

When making our monthly charity: water donations, we keep track of our MostXPS partners that made the donations possible. We want to be transparent when making these contributions. More importantly, we want to let our partners know when we donate the funds that came from their purchases. It’s a way of keeping us accountable. We also hope it encourages some of our partners to start their own charity: water campaign.

Donating 20% to charity: water is part of our business plan, but more importantly, it’s part of whom we are—a couple of guys that would like to see fewer thirsty people in the world. Yes, the site we run is a commercial business. But profit isn’t everything... and a request for drinking water is never neglected.


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