About Us

A social media experiment with a heart for charity: water.

The most expensive website in the world is a fun idea (and journey) that two friends developed over time. Like many other ideas, this one started with tasty food, quenching drinks, happy spirits, and random conversation. At one point the conversation went something like this:

JOE : Hey, what do you think is the most expensive website in the world?
JOHN: I bet you it’s either Google, Facebook, or Amazon.
JOE : If they are, shouldn’t they own “TheMostExpensiveWebsiteInTheWorld.com?”
JOHN: Who owns TheMostExpensiveWebsiteInTheWorld.com?
JOE : What are they doing with it?
JOHN: Do you think they’d sell it to us?
JOE : Dude, what would we do with it if they did?
JOHN: I don’t know. You wanna try and get it?
JOE : Sure. Why not?
JOHN: Nice!

The light dialogue evolved into a serious conversation where we committed to move from talking to doing.

So long story short:
• We contacted the owner of TheMostExpensiveWebsiteInTheWorld.com.
• We negotiated a price for the domain name from him and bought it.
• We decided to make it a pixel-marketing site, but developed enhancements over the previous model to create what we call “pixel-marketing 2.0.”
• Our goal is to create the most expensive website in the world.
• Price per page, if we sell every square on our page, we’ll succeed.

Thinking positively, we decided that WHEN we reach our goal, we want to use our success to add some good to the world. That’s why we committed to donate 20% of every sale to charity: water. We believe with their slogan: water changes everything.

Our website is now primed and ready to go, but we still need one more thing to make our dream a success. We need your help to be successful; we need your help to be special.

“The secret ingredient to making something special is that you just have to believe that it is special” (A1). We would like to thank you for believing in us. You have made us special by sharing our story on social media, with your family, and with your friends.

It has been an enjoyable experience. We will continue to do our best to succeed. Thank you for thoughts and well wishes along our journey.

I (Joe) have run 13 marathons in my life. I’m a slow runner. If you cut my average time in half I will still never win a gold medal. But I’ve finished every race I’ve started. And every time I’ve been cheered on by a stranger that saw me exhausted, with my body ready to quit, it’s been a re-energizing experience for me. Their simple words of “c’mon, buddy, you can do it,” and “way to go! Keep it up,” have helped me stay positive, tap into energy reserves, and kept me going to the finish line. That’s why I’ve been grateful for every kind word. Although I never learned any of their names, I consider them my marathon friends.

The beauty of social media is that we know the names of our supporters. To you, we are ever so thankful for your individual support. We promise to continue to do our best. We won't let you down.

Press On,

--Joe and John

A1. Mr. Ping; Kung Fu Panda