Frequently Asked Questions

What is your domain name?

For marketing purposes we use both and

However, we’ve purchased many other like sounding domain names that all resolve traffic to the domain name No matter which one you type to get to our site, the above-mentioned domain name is what will ultimately appear as the URL on your browser.

We understand this is quite a handful of typing to do. We recommend using when typing it in manually.

Since is easier to type, easier to read, and it forwards traffic to, we will use in this document when referring to our website.

How do you classify your website? is a pixel marketing website. Pixel marketing was invented in 2005 by Alex Tew. Although there have been similar sites created, only Mr. Tew’s original site has garnered any real success. But we’re well on our way to joining him in the pantheon of “why didn’t I think of that?” success stories.

What is pixel marketing?

A pixel marketing website is one that sets aside a large area of space that is divided into purchasable sections (usually a giant grid). Once space is purchased, one can upload an image to that space. The image becomes a link to the purchaser's website.

The pixel marketing site promotes itself to drive traffic to its own domain. When successful, viewers come to see the pixel marketing website and find all of the purchased spaces. Depending on the image, image location, image size, caption, tagline, and other marketing parameters, viewers are attracted to, and click on links of their choice.

Another way of looking at it is this: think of a pixel marketing website as a giant billboard. Customers pay money to put bumper stickers on the billboard. The bumper stickers can be of various sizes, but they can’t cover any other stickers. The pixel marketing site promotes the billboard and drives traffic to the billboard. Once traffic reaches the billboard, viewers see all the different bumper stickers and click on the ones that catch their attention.

What makes your pixel marketing website better than others?

Two things: our branding strategy, and our Value Added Features (see below).

What is the significance behind your branding strategy?

When we think about the most expensive car, ring, or even meal, we expect it to be unrivaled in craftsmanship, merit or taste. Expense goes hand in hand with quality, and we expect the finer things in life to cost money. As the most expensive website in the world, we invite invite others to promote themselves on our site as the best in their fields. In essence, if you are looking for the very best, you will find it at

Since we are the first website to legitimately market ourselves as the most expensive website in the world, all the press, publicity, market buzz , interest, and (most importantly) web traffic will be directed to our website. At this point, It doesn’t matter if we sell pixels, greeting cards, or provide email service on our website. The branding strategy is what drives our business model.

The branding strategy is what we are. Pixel marketing is how we choose to express ourselves today.

What are your Value Added Features?

With over than seven years since the creation of pixel marketing, we couldn’t just revive pixel marketing by releasing it in the same state as it was invented. We decided to make it better.

Value Added Features

  • Change Your Campaign

    • The feature we offer that adds the most versatility to the pixel marketing model is the ability to change your campaign's assets throughout the life of the campaign. We realize that your marketing priorities are fluid. Today's concerns are different from tomorrow. Your campaign can change with you. Be it the image, link, or caption, all three can be updated from within the user's control panel. This allows you to highlight current promotions and keep your advert relevant.

  • Nearly twice the space

    • Other pixel marketing websites began by selling 10x10 pixel squares yielding a 100 pixel area for $100.00. sells 14x14 pixel squares yielding 196 pixel area for $100.00.

  • Pop-ups with larger image

    • When someone places the cursor over an image within our grid, a pop-up window appears that includes text and a larger version of the image in the grid. This helps our partners to better convey their intended message by allowing them to display their image in a size that will be better appreciated along with a tag line, slogan, or caption.
    • The dimension of the pop-up image is 224x140.

  • Featured Sites

    • The four corners to our grid have been designated as “featured site” corners. Upon every page load, four of our advertisement partners’ images are randomly chosen and placed in one of our grid’s corners. This means that any currently running campaign, no matter how big or small, may be randomly inserted into one of the four corners for increased visibility at no additional cost.

  • Philanthropy Links

    • The middle left and right edge of the grid is reserved for charitable organizations that we would like to draw attention to. We believe there are many organizations that need our help. With the amount of traffic we receive, we hope to expose our visitors to charities that resonate with them and move them to action.

  • 20% charity: water contribution

    • The charity that resonates with us the most is charity: water. We believe in them so much that we are committed to the following:

      • We have placed their image in a very prominent part of our grid so that others may learn about the organization’s mission.
      • Our business model specifiably states that we will donate 20% of our gross income to charity: water. Learn more about our charity: water support.

    • charity: water makes our contributions public.
    • We share the information via social media.

How is your 20% gross profit contribution a benefit to your partners?

We hope the 20% charity: water donation brings a bit of happiness to our partners. We believe that happiness is not something that you pursue, but rather a by-product of something you do.

Let's say you are learning to play the piano. When you finally master your first piece of music you become happy. When you learn to drive, you become happy. When you make a meal and everyone tells you how much they liked it, you become happy. You get the picture.

That being said, we want our partners to know that when they make a purchase to our website they are making it possible for us to donate the funds that will help bring clean drinking water to those in need.

Have you ever received an email with pictures stating “thanks to your contribution, 250 people in this village now have clean drinking water”? Let me tell you, that makes you happy.

Why did you create the website?

Like our About Us page states, we were curious one night about who owned the most expensive website in the world. We decided it would be awesome to be able to say: we do.

Are you really the most expensive website in the world?

Yes. You can look at your browser's address bar for confirmation.

How will you protect your brand from copycat sites?

Prior to launch, we bought several domain names that were similar to so that others could not pull traffic away from our site. Among these domain names are:
And many other domain names.

That being said, we know others will come up with similar sounding domains. But we’ve minimized many copycat names by having already purchased over 45 like sounding domain names that all forward traffic to our main site.